Why people choose to name stars!

reasons for a star name

Naming Stars is very popular


Johnny Depp got one from Winona Ryder, and Nicole Kidman named one Forever Tom. You may be wondering what they’re talking about; let’s get into it.

These persons have one thing in common; they have certificates from which states that they have stars named after them or their loved ones.

Frome based company Starnaminggifts.co.uk is one such company that provides this service to thousands of people across the U.K. and the rest of the World.   (http://www.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frome)

Receiving a beautiful folder containing the certificate and lots of facts and information about Stars as well as a Timeline of Human Astronomy to keep them well read.   It costs approximately £15.99 to get this done.

Across the globe over one million certificates have been issued.. With approximately one trillion stars in the galaxy, there are still plenty of Stars to be named.

Why Do People Choose to Name Stars?

  • One of the main reasons why people name a star is because of love. Couples have been star gazing for many generations. Stars are a powerful energy source that sparkles and brings joy to people’s lives. Viewing the stars in the heavens helps to connect people from past and present.
  • Another reason is because of loved ones that passed on this is so because stars are symbolic and eternal.
  • The busiest time of the year when stars are named is the holidays.
  • Marking memorable passages such as graduation, bar mitzvah, and other important dates is also one way to name a star.
  • A teacher can also name a star after a student that did exceptionally well at school as recognition.
  • Students and parents can also name a star after a beloved teacher.
  • Naming a star is a great as business gift to give employees and clients.

It doesn’t matter what people’s reasons are for naming stars; the results are the same. The beneficiary will be appreciative of it. Buying and naming a star is an excellent way of expressing how you feel. Give your loved ones the perfect gift today.





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