Valentines Day Gift

Valentines GIFT

The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

– Name a Star for the one you love –


Choose a Valentines Day Gift thats truly special.   Name a Binary Star, with our Gift Package

We recommend a Binary Star as it actually represents 2 stars that orbit each other in close proximity.  However they are often mistaken for just 1 star.  As such these special stars actually spend their lifetime circling each other.   They dance across the night sky in unison and are destined to remain together for eternity.   Above all they symbolise being together and the joy of being a couple.

Binary stars, much like a romantic couple, share a common territory and have a “relationship,” with each closely affecting the other. By choosing a binary star as a thoughtful Valentine’s gift, you put a special twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day present.

Our Binary Star Gift Package comes beautifully presented in a full colour glossy folder.  In addition it comes with the important personalised Star Deed Certificate.  The Star Deed will contain the Name of the Star that you have chosen.  However with the Binary Star you can include 2 names on the certificate.  As such most couples tend to put both their names on the deed.  This can only happen for a Binary Star gift.  In conclusion we are proud this is our most popular gift for Valentines Day.

Buy yours today !

Find out more about Binary Stars here by looking at the Wiki site here :

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