Stonehenge Visit



Stonehenge Visit – At we are a leading UK Star Naming Gift Service, We are reminded of the symbolism that humans have when we look at the stars above.  For thousands of years we have gazed  and realised how it makes our world seems so very small.

Well in the last few days as owner of our Star Naming Gift business I took a pre-booked visit to probably the OLDEST Star Gazing Calendar thats known to man. This is the mighty and beautiful @Stonehenge on Salisbury  Plain. We would encourage anyone to visit this amazing monument that is 5000 years old.  It sees the alignment of the celestial bodies across the night sky.


Finally please don’t forget that at we sell a range of Star Naming Gift Options – prices start at just £15.99 and they make a brilliant present or gift for someone special


#englishheritage @englishheritage @stonehenge

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