Stonehenge Skyscape

As the UK’s Leading Star Naming Registry and it’s the first day of Winter here in the UK, we needed to keep ourselves busy.  As such our thoughts couldn’t help but turn to the most famous Star Calendar in the world.   The mighty monument that is #stonehenge

Our business is headquartered in Frome.  That’s about 40 mins drive away from the 5000 year old stone circle.  We have been blessed to have visited them many times.  And the magical sensations that they bring to us they appear on the skyline on the edge of Salisbury Plain.

With Covid-19 in lockdown for England we didn’t know if the #Englishheritage Stonehenge was open for visitors. As such we decided to look at the Stonehenge website .   We are sorry to say that the monument has been closed for the latest lockdown.  Good news though is we are delighted to report that they are reopening again on 3rd December.  What this means is that the Winter Solstice will go ahead and much needed visitors can get close to the monument again.

 If any of our customers have not visited the Stones before then we truly recommend the experience – its really well managed and I cannot describe the sensation you get when you see the giant stones up close.


We had to also let our customers know that we also stumbled across the new Stonehenge #skyscape on the website.  OMG this is truly outstanding and you can literally view them in real time. This is perfect for getting your bearings of all the key celestial objects in the night sky.    All the links are below and we would love your feedback if you enjoy learning about this Star Calendar as much as we do.   In the mean time , we hope you have a great day, from all of us at!/pages/Stonehenge/170137036344463


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