Stargazing – 5 Telescopes that we love!

Top Telescopes to suit most budgets

Stargazing is one of the nations favourite pastimes.   There are many ways to do this from simply looking with the Naked eye, or binoculars.   For the more adventurous or budding Stargazers we have compiled our list of:  The Top 5 Telescopes that we love.

These telescopes cover a range of budgets and they all allow you to zoom in much closer to the Stars and Planets in our Galaxy.   We know that stargazing can be a really enjoyable past-time or hobby.  Obviously dependant on the weather situation in your area, this will impact your ability to see these stunning objects in the Cosmos.

Looking out into the Galaxy is fun and is a hobby that suits all ages.  We start this list with a Kids Telescope option, just to kick off this review.

  • Kids Astronomical Telescope, 90X Astronomical Landscape Telescope £27.99 *

Kids Astronomical Telescope, 90X Astronomical Landscape Telescope1X Barlow Len


With 360mm focal length and magnification (90X) , the kids telescope is an educational and fun way for children to explore their astronomical dreams. Meanwhile, enhances children’s hands-on ability, stimulating their desire for astronomical exploration, and promoting their intellectual development.

The foldable and portable tripod design ensures a steady base with quick and easy no-tool setup of different observation angles.Equipped with H20mm (view all the details of the craters on the moon), H6mm (view the terrestrial objects on land), and special moon mirror can effectively avoid the reflected light, and then the moon’s surface will be seen more clearly.

  • Skymax-127 Virtuoso GTi tabletop telescope £499 *







The Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 Virtuoso GTi is a compact telescope with a Wi-Fi-controllable Go-To mount, meaning you can observe chosen targets at the touch of a button.

Its long focal length makes it ideal for observing the Moon, planets and double stars, as well as some brighter deep-sky objects.

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  • Sky-Watcher StarQuest 130P Newtonian reflector £225 *

The StarQuest 130P is easy to use, and it’s well-made. As a result, it’s great choice for first-time stargazers, but could also work as a grab-and-go scope for more.

The Sky-Watcher StarQuest 130P Newtonian is short, which makes it a nice, easy scope for beginners to handle. Plus, it weighs just 8kg and is easy to assemble. This means it’s a great choice for newcomers but also, for more experienced astronomers, it’s not as likely to get left in storage and remain unused.

  • Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 70AZ refractor £210 *

Telescope amazon

The StarSense Explorer phone dock, which incorporates a smartphone holder and a mirror, turns this simple, basic manual telescope into one that can easily locate objects via a touchscreen phone and the StarSense app. This is a sturdy, reliable refractor that’s good value for those beginning their adventure in amateur astronomy.

  • Sky-Watcher Heritage 100P Tabletop Dobsonian £115 *

This compact, lightweight scope is easy to store and convenient for bringing out at a moment’s notice once the clouds clear. You could even place it on a sturdy patio table during your observing sessions. Importantly, the scope also gives good views of a range of celestial wonders; particularly the planets. This would be an ideal first telescope for a budding young astronomer.

  • Sky-Watcher Star Discovery P150i Wi-Fi telescope £469 *


The Star Discovery P150i Wi-Fi can be set up and observing the night sky in about 15 minutes. Its mount takes 8 AA batteries or a 12V power tank plugged into the power port, and 2 eyepieces are supplied, of 25mm and 10mm focal length. These give nice views of deep-sky objects and the Moon.

There’s not hand controller supplied because the mount is controlled using an app that operates via an inbuilt Wi-Fi network. Once connected, this provides the ability to instantly slew to a range of  celestial targets.

*Prices at time of publishing

Stargazing can be very rewarding and a peaceful way to enjoy the universe and all of its wonders.    We hope that this list gives you some inspiration to look into the heavens at the constellation or the planets and Stars.  Maybe zoom into the Moon or View Mars close up and personal.  Thank you

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