Are we made from Stardust?

Human Body and the relationship with the Stars?


Stardust – Stars that go supernova are responsible for creating many of the elements of the periodic table, including those that make up the human body.

Planetary scientist and stardust expert Dr Ashley King explains.

‘It is 100% true: almost all of the elements within the human body were  produced from a star and many have come through several supernovas.

Human Body and Stardust

Stardust makes up the majority of the Human Body.


Over Billions of years and many star lifetimes, the elements that make up the Human Body came together and formed.

However, it’s also possible that some of our hydrogen (which makes up roughly 9.5% of our bodies).  Lithium, which our body contains in very tiny trace amounts, originated from the Big Bang.

Credit and written by By Kerry Lotzof  at


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