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Jupiter and Saturn are together as One

Star of Bethlehem – The Star was visible in December 2020 for the first time in over 800 years!

The famous Star of Bethlehem is typically associated with Christmas.  Everyone on Earth was able to see Jupiter and Saturn combine to make one singular light in the night sky.  This is a phenomenon called “the Star of Bethlehem”.

Christian tradition explains that this star guided the Three Kings to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.   It was visible in 2020 to the southeast for 45 minutes on the winter solstice. (21/12/2020)

Astronomer Patrick Hartigan, from Rice University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, said:

“The Star is not just a star, but a unique Planetary Alignment. This phenomenon is an optical illusion that is caused by Earth. Primarily the Earth’s position in respect to the Sun.  The planets obviously never physically come together.

The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 1226

That was in the Middles Ages. Jupiter and Saturn are not going to converge in the sky again until 2080.

So, what was this Star that, according to Matthew, “Went before them, and stood above where the Christ child lay.” Many religious scholars believe the bright star never really existed as a physical object. When the account was written fifty years after Christ’s death, the star was seen as an astrological omen.

After all, great kings could be accompanied by auspicious astrological configurations; presumably, Jesus had one as well. At that time Aries was linked with Judea and Jupiter was the ruling planet; the merging of those two, as occurred in the year 6 BC when some (but not most) scholars tag the Birth, would have been exactly the kind of prophetic omen that should accompany the coming of a Savior. A further case against its existence is simply that Luke, generally regarded as the most historically accurate of the gospels, never mentions there being any sort of star.

Did it exist?

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