Star Naming

How do I Name a Star?


Star Naming is something very special, and that can only generally be completed with the use of a Star Naming Registry.

There are many providers of this service for consumers, however the price they charge for the service can vary widely.

The same applies for the quality and content that you receive when buying this gift.

Step 1:      Pick your Name


Choose a Name for a Star that you would like to use.   When you Buy a Star Name we suggest you pick something that is personal and meaningful for the recipient.  In most cases this name will appear on a certificate or Star Name Deed, so choose wisely as it may be on display for a long time.

Equally if the chosen name is so personal (such as a Pet Name), then the recipient may love the gift but want to keep it private for fear that someone may use it in an inappropriate manor.

We advocate using numbers, if there is a date or set of numbers that means a lot to you.

Step 2:      Decide your budget


There are many registries available that you can choose from a variety of options and budgets to get the gift that you really want.  However the price you pay can be very different.  We advocate a good all round website that is fairly priced but not so expensive that it puts people off.   In this instance we recommend as our preferred provider.   We like this company because they charge a fair price for a great product.


Step 3:  Order online


If you complete a google search just key in “Star Naming Gifts” or “name a star UK” or something along these lines and a wealth of companies will Pop up for you.

This will link with many websites and the products on offer.  Dont forget that you can buy many variations of Star Naming Gifts such as a Binary Star or a Extra Bright Star, and again in this instance we would suggest you decide on the importance of the different products. have a range of products and is a great place to start looking at the different products.


Step 4: Think about how to give this gift


This is the bit where the magic happened.  Think about how you want the recipient to receive their Star Name Gift or what would have the most impact for them.  This makes it much more fun and exciting especially if you want to build the suspense.  Maybe gift them a card with Stars on it to begin with.  You could go to

or and this could help you find some star related small confetti or gift wrap.

Finally, Enjoy when you see their face on opening this gift


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