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A letter from our CEO

Star Name – The Cost of buying a Star Name Gift

It is a special privilege when a customer decides to share with us their reason for Naming a Star.   Each story is unique.   Some of them are truly wonderful moments.  Others are sad for many people because they relate to the loss of a loved one.  Or they may have lost someone who mattered to that person so dearly.

I always think we are given the most personal of insights when information like this is shared with us.  My Team and I always keep this information to ourselves.  It’s just part of the service we offer and the moral ethics of the business I created.

When I am talking to a customer I enjoy our discussions and finding the reason for their purchase.  However it is a regular occurrence to be told in conversation that the customer is ordering from us because they felt ripped off.   This is mostly because they have paid an excessive amount of money for a Star Name Gift elsewhere.  They are always disappointed with the product when it arrives.  To make things worse they spent more than they really wanted to spend and it was a disappointment.

We have seen the many pictures of other co which to my mind is almost identical to the type of Star Naming Gifts we have on offer. – Sometimes at 5 times the price!!!!

We are an Established U.K. Star Naming Registry


During the course of the last few years we have witnessed many competitors that have gone out of business.   They establish their business start to sell their products and then all of a sudden they go bust very quickly.

By far and away we notice that it is the greedy STAR REGISTRY companies out there that seem to go bust or stop operating,  more frequently than not.   They make a quick buck and then go out of business in as fast as fashion as they came .  Never have I wanted my business to be less than equitable at every stage.  This spills over into how we have done business these past few years .

We are grateful that we have stayed open and trading since 2017 and this is solely down to our loyal customers that we built up over time and value to this day!  I believe in my core that by charging what we deem to be a  “fair price” for the service that we offer and not overpricing and underdelivering is what will keep customers coming back. Hopefully they feel they get value for money and that we have  been equitable with them.  Certainly  I would never want anyone to feel like they were oversold or overcharged for our services.

My team and I decided to have a look around today just to gauge the market as it stands.  This was to see exactly what was on offer and how it compares to Products.  Also at what price !! I was a little shocked and very annoyed at what I found.  To see some of our competitors charging ridiculous prices for a Name a Star gift that sometimes was even for an inferior product but at least double the price!!   One company charges you to print your own PDF of a Star Certificate!!

As a comparison


Our Entry Price Point for a NAME A STAR GIFT starts at £15.99 and we rise to a Maximum Price of £29.99 for a Binary Star Gift, which has double names on the Certificate.

We found one UK Registry charging £100 for the same Binary Star Gift (except it came with a box)

Another charging £39.99 for the Standard Name a Star product and this is a Self Print Certificate.

Of course we are not for one minute telling customers where to shop or how to spend their money, but I know one thing about.  A quick buck does not lead to longevity.

Here at

It is our promise that we will always try to remain competitive and keep our prices as reasonable as we can.

That is why we have survived –  because of our values, and my belief that overcharging customers for a products will never get anyone rich in the long term.

Thanks for reading this article and supporting and for supporting our business

    Robert Gough



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