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Star Gifts – If you love looking at the Stars in the night sky or you are passionate about stargazing then you will love this Blog.

Here are the 5 apps we would recommend for Stargazing.    Whether you are an amateur or a professional these apps are free to download.

Stargazing used to be reserved for you and maybe another family member fighting for a peak through the telescope.  With the advancement of Technology you can get the best view with the help of many free astronomy apps.    We would suggest these astronomy apps that are helpful and free to use.

Star Chart

This is exactly what it says.  It is a Star Chart that gives you the full view of the universe at the tips of your fingertips.  Constellations and star names, are here, and if you want more information like distance, brightness and reference, we recommend this app.

SkyView Lite

Augmented Reality brings you the chance to point your phone towards the sky, and SkyView will quickly identify stars and constellations that are right in front of you. Plus it contains so much valuable information on satellites, planets and even upcoming stargazing events.  What more could anyone need?

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 makes it so easy to identify individual celestial items.   Point your phone at the night sky and the app doesn’t just tell you what’s right in front of you, but also how close you are other stars and constellations in the sky.   The free version of the app does have adverts however choose to upgrade for a small fee and you can remove all the adverts.


Take a tour of the sky at night with the SkySafari is the app.  The word safari actually is the Swahili word for journey and this app takes you on a journey. By pointing your phone at the sky, it will show you all the basics for stargazing. You’ll see constellations and planets and will also be able to listen to audio tours of what you’re seeing. So stick back, pop your headphones in and enjoy the stars around you.

Night Sky Lite

Fast stargazing or want to know an answer at pace then Night Sky is here to help. It’s able to identify stars, constellations, planets and satellites at the click of a button. It can also advise you on weather conditions and the best times to view your constellations. Plus, the app has a community of users all ready to share their suggestions on the best stargazing experiences across the globe.

Looking at the Stars is enjoyed by many people across the globe.  Let us know what you are able to see in the comments below.

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