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extra bright stars

Name an Extra Bright Star for someone Extra Special. These stars are the closest to Earth and shine much brighter in the sky, allowing them to be seen with the naked eye. Complete with the standard gift package to name a star and includes:


Stars in the sky

Name a visible star in the sky with our standard gift package. Complete with the basics to name a star and includes:


Visible Star Name
A Binary Star picture

A Binary Star is unique as this actually describes Two different Stars that revolve around each other and in such close proximity they could be mistaken for just one star. You can include two names for the Binary Star and it's the perfect gift for couples, or to celebrate friendship and togetherness with the one you love. This package includes:


Binary Star Deed

Buy a piece of the Lunar Surface of our Moon
this package includes

From £15.99


Buy a piece of Land on Planet Mars,
this package includes


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