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Name an Extra Bright Star - Premium Gift Package

The Ultimate Star Name Gift to Show Someone Special Just how much you Care! - Shop Now

This gift includes

Visible Star Gift

Name a Star
Our Standard Gift Star Package
Complete with the basics for Naming that Star

Bright Star Gift

Bright Gift Star Naming

Name a Bright Star
Our Bright Star Gift Package For the people who shine the brightest in your life:

Binary Star Gift

A Binary Star picture

Name a Binary Star
Our Binary Star Gift Package
is very Special Because Binary Stars are actually 2 Stars that circle each other in close proximity forever

SHOP NOW | Own an Acre of Land on the Moon or on Planet Mars

Name an Extra Bright Star for someone Extra Special. These stars are the closest to Earth and shine much brighter in the sky, allowing them to be seen with the naked eye. Complete with the standard gift package to name a star and includes:


An Acre of Land on the Moon – Premium Gift Package

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would feel like to own a small piece of the Moon Surface? or  Have you ever wondered what Planet Mars would be like to if we had to inhabit it as or closest planetary neighbour?  

Well now you can ! Become the proprietor of your very own Moon Acre or Mars Acre with these gift options:

Buy Land on the Moon.
This Moon Acre
package includes

From £15.99

Buy a piece of Land on Planet Mars,
this package includes


This gift includes

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