1 Acre on the Moon (Inc. Name on the Deed)

1 Acre on the Moon (Inc. Name on the Deed)

We have teamed up with our friends at http://www.buyabitof.com (Leaders in planetary land sales) to gain access to their list of Lunar plots of Land that can be resold to our customers).

When you purchase an Acre of Lunar Land

This is what we will send you in your exclusive full colour portfolio.

  • An Important Lunar Land Deed Certificate (Authentic/uniquely numbered with a hologram for reference)
  • Plus two factsheets
  • Information about the Moon
  • A timeline of Lunar Exploration
  • Welcome Letter to introduce your Acre of Land


This Pocket-Sized Projector beams a colour image of the Lunar Surface onto almost any wall or surface inside the Home. Perfect as a nightlight or for ambient lighting around the home, and even better for space enthusiasts.

Lunar Land for Sale – Genuine Plots now available

On the Moon – Lunar Acres are for Sale.  You can buy an Acre on the Moon with this option and you can even add a Name of  your choice to the exclusive plot of Lunar Land.

This is because we have exclusively teamed up with our friends at http://www.buyabitof.com   (Leaders in planetary land sales) to gain access to their list of Lunar plots of Land that can be purchased exclusively to our customers here at https://www.starnaminggifts.co.uk

This means you really can buy an Acre of Land up on the Moon, and we are proud to bring you this gift.

We can confirm that we insert all Lunar Deeds into a bespoke presentation folder.  Along with the Deed, you also find lots of other interesting material.

Inside your folder you will find

  • A Lunar Land Deed (Authenticated with an identity number on a hologram for reference)
  • Information about the Moon Factsheet
  • A Timeline of Lunar Exploration
  • NASA 1969 Moon Landing
  • A Welcome Letter to introduce this Acre of Land and the gift.

Buy your Moon Acre Now.   You can choose the option that allows you to add your Name.   Or why not choose our Deluxe Option this includes a plot within the exclusive Sea of Tranquility.     These Acre Plots are in the most desirable location.  They have the best view of the Earth. Always in sunlight and on the light side of the Moon.

Want to own a piece of Mars instead?





No Name, Add a Name of Your Choice, Deluxe


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