Name a Star – Premium Gift

Name a Star - Premium Gift

Name a Star Premium Gift Option

This premium and beautifully presented gift comes with everything you need to Name an Extra Bright Star and gift it to someone special.  Included with this gift :

  •  Personalised Star Deed Certificate (re-designed when compared to the other gifts and framed in a Gold A4 Picture Frame)
  • Star Naming Gift Portfolio Folder
  • A Timeline of Human Astrology
  • Interesting Facts about the Stars
  • History of Stars and Astronomy
  • Welcome Letter from our CEO to introduce this Gift
  • Beautiful black magnetic close gift box (with our Logo embossed in Gold on the lid) for that extra special luxurious look


Star Naming Gift – Premium Gift

Name a Star UK |  Our Customers tell us that they want a Premium way to give our Star Naming Gift to someone special!

We began thinking here at the HQ.    Our aim was to provide a a gift that looked luxurious.  It had to look and feel very special, but at a reasonable price, so that it was accessible to more people.

We are proud to introduce our Premium Gift Option.


It gives a more luxurious feel to a Star Naming Gift.

With this option, you name an “Extra Bright Star”, as opposed to a Standard Visible Star.  Extra Bright Stars are the ones closest to Earth.  They are the most visible in the night sky.

Automatic Entry into the Star Database comes as standard.

Star Deed Certificate (showing the name and the location of the Star) is inside the Box.

The Star Deed has a special NEW design to give the unique look and feel of a premium gift.  Plus it is framed in a Gold A4 Picture Frame for that extra special touch.

The Star Naming Portfolio plus the Star Deed are then placed into the Bespoke Gift Box.  Our Exclusive Gift box  comes beautifully embossed with our Logo in Gold on the lid.  The box ties with a ribbon to secure it and to add the feel of luxury.

The Gift Box also magnetically closes for extra stability.

This Gift is delightful.


If you can afford to go for this option then we recommend you to do so.  Why?  Well based on such amazing customer feedback such as this:

 Joyce Sterner, who lives in Surrey commented on social media on the 12th August 2021 with this message:

“I was so pleased to able to watch my mum as her face lit up with joy when she untied the ribbon on the gift box.   She had a look inside at the Star Name Gift and was smiling a lot.  We all got a bit emotional after this.   Mum noticed that the Star was named after our Dad who  passed away last year aged  79″  

  • The family and mum want to thank you for giving us a special moment to remember Dad in a joyful way and I know I will cherish this moment forever!

(Thanks Joyce for this lovely comment – we also got a bit emotional in the office when reading this message from you)


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