Buy a Star

Buy a Star

Name a visible star in the sky with our standard gift package. Complete with the basics to name a star and includes:

  • Personalised Star Deed Certificate (embossed and uniquely produced by our registrars)
  • Permanent entry into the registry database
  • A History about the Stars and a Timeline of Human Astronomy
  • Complete with a Full-Colour Gloss Portfolio


A “Visible Star” Name Gift


Buy a Star Name with with this unique gift.  This is our standard Star Name Gift!  Presented beautifully with all the elements to show that a Star has been named by you.  A Stars Name is something unique and that they can cherish forever.

Choose any format for your Stars Name.  Please ensure that you check the spelling when you give us the Name of the Star so that errors are never made.   We want you to have the name that you have requested.

Once you have chosen the Name, then we go to work!  It is the job of our Registrars to ensure we deliver this great package directly to you or we can deliver to the recipient.

We use a registered courier to ensure that your delivery can be tracked on the journey to you.

This is our best value Star Naming Gift.   We pride ourselves on our Star Name Registry and the service we provide to you.

Finally we are so passionate about this product as it was the first item that launched the Star Registry back in 2017.

The original “Star Naming Gift”


Our best value Star Naming Gift.

We think the personalised Star Deed, is beautiful and hope you will like it too!

  • Personalised Star Deed Certificate (embossed and uniquely produced by our Registrars)
  • Permanent entry into the Universal Star and Global Naming Database
  • 2 unique Factsheets;   “A Timeline of Human Astronomy”  and “Interesting facts about the Stars” 
  • A Welcome Letter explaining the Star Naming Gift
  • Contained in a beautiful  Full-Colour Presentation Portfolio

 If want to know the answer to this question:

How do I name a Star?

Please look at our FAQ section for all you need to know

Choose our Extra Bright gift option here:

Want to take a look at the night sky?
Then is the place to look with their free Sky Scanner.
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