Name an Extra Bright Star

Name an Extra Bright Star

An Extra Bright Star for someone Extra Special.

These stars are the closest to Earth and shine much brighter in the sky, allowing them to be seen with the naked eye.

Complete with the standard gift package to name a star and includes:

  • Personalised Extra Bright Star Deed (embossed/uniquely produced and confirmed by our registrars)
  • Permanent entry into the registry and database
  • A History about the Stars with a Timeline of Human Astronomy
  • Completely contained within a Full-Colour Glossy Portfolio


Our Brightest Star Naming Gift

Bright Star Gifts are a great way to Name a Star in an extra special way.  This is because these Stars are the ones closest to the Earth.  They shine much brighter in the sky, allowing us to see them with the naked eye.  It is with great pleasure that we can also include the opportunity to Name an Extra Bright Star from the limited number we can see from Earth.   We suggest this gift is for the person who shines brightest in your life.

This Gift includes the best bits of our Standard Visible Star Portfolio.  However, it also has a unique feature.   As such the “Star Deed” is unique and its extra features have been added by our trained Star Naming Registrars.

This specific Gift Star Name Package contains

  • Personalised Extra Bright Star Deed (embossed and uniquely produced by our Team of Registrars)
  • Permanent entry into the database and our Registry Files
  • Factsheets – “History about the Stars” and a “Timeline of Human Astronomy”
  • Comes as a gift inside with a Full-Colour Glossy Folder

When we name a Bright Star we always take extra care with your purchase


This is because we know the best things in life are the ones that come with a !  Buy yours today at

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