Acre on the Moon

Acre on the Moon

We have exclusive access to the Planetary Land Sales Team from our partners at  They have given us unique access to a limited number of Acre plots of Lunar Land on the Moon Surface.   A long term partnership with the International Lunar Authorities enables us to sell these plots of Land on the Lunar Surface directly to you, our customers on a first come first served basis.   Every one of our Lunar Land Acres, is on the light side of the Moon and faces Earth.  This means that they are premium land and will not be available once all Acres sell out.

When you purchase this gift, you receive a unique Lunar Portfolio Folder that has the following contents on the inside:

  • A unique Lunar Land Deed Certificate (Authenticated and uniquely numbered with it’s hologram for reference) – This informs you of the exact location of the Plot of Land that you have become the proprietor of.
  • Interesting Timeline of Lunar Exploration Document
  • Information about the Moon Factsheet
  • NASA 1969 Moon Landing Transcript between the Lunar Module and Ground Control on Earth
  • A Welcome Letter from our CEO that introduces this Acre on the Moon Gift
  • Contained inside the Full Colour Gift Portfolio / Folder



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Can I buy an Acre on the Moon? – Yes you can!

Acre on the Moon Plots are now for Sale.  We have teamed up with our friends at (Leaders in planetary land sales) to gain access to their list of Lunar plots of Land that can be resold to our customers).  This means you can buy a real Acre on the Moon Surface and be one of the first to know you own a bit on the Moon.   This unique purchase is presented to you in a full colour presentation folder.

It includes:

  • A Lunar Land Deed  (Authenticated and uniquely numbered with it’s hologram for reference)
  • Information about the Moon Factsheet
  • A Timeline of Lunar Exploration
  • A Welcome Letter to introduce the Acre of Land

No Name – Buy a Lunar plot with no name.

Add a Name of Your Choice – Choose the name you want for your Lunar plot.


This is your chance to own an Acre of Lunar Land.  Located among the very limited selection within the “Sea of Tranquility” on the Moon. Infamous for being our most exclusive plots of Land that we can access at this time. We guarantee that your Acre here will give you the perfect vista facing back towards the Earth. The desirability and iconic status of these plots mean they sell fast and we can only allow sell them in limited numbers. If you purchase an Acre today we can ensure you receive our Deluxe Land Deed created on our finest quality paper and showcasing the Gold Seal of Authenticity – which is exclusive to these Lunar Plots

Whether you want to have your own Moon Estate  Want to own a piece of Mars instead?



No Name, Add a Name of Your Choice, Deluxe


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