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Gifts for Valentines

Feb 14th – Gifts for Someone Special


Personalised Valentines Day Gifts will always make the love of your life feel truly special.

Not only have you gone to the effort to buy a gift,  but you took the time and extra effort to personalise it.  This really adds that extra touch of thought and demonstrates the feeling of love between you and your partner.

A personalised gift that is both meaningful, and that represents the love between you is the ultimate romantic gesture in our opinion.

It is possible to choose something simple that just bares the name of your partner for a a nice touch.  It is also really special when you have personalised the gift for the both of you.  This can be for your Boyfriend, or Girlfriend, for a Lover, or Partner,  for a Husband or Wife or anyone who you care about.    The choice of recipient is down to you.

However finding that perfect gift is not always easy!  This is where we come in.

Name a Star for your Valentine

Let your valentine know how special they are by giving the gift of a star for Valentine’s Day! How does it work? Name a star in honor of your valentine and give the star certificate to your valentine as a special gift. It’s that simple. Your name a star valentines gift will absolutely love this special star gift! Star valentine’s gifts are for you to give to anyone you wish! Gift a valentine’s star to your husband, give a valentine’s star gift to your daughter, or maybe you want to give your favorite teacher a star valentines gift. The possibilities are endless!

At we have a variety of gift options for Star Naming this Valentines Day.

You can Name a Star for your loved one and have their name included on the deed – Click here to be taken straight to that option (great value at just £15.99 and comes with the complete basic Star Naming Portfolio)

Buy a star name

Name a Binary Star

Now this is really special.   Binary Stars ( ) are a term used to describe two stars that orbit each other in close proximity and that circle each other as they dance across the sky together forever.  Sometimes mistaken for just 1 star, they never leave each others side for as long as they continue to shine in space.

Naming a Binary Star Gift is really special.  This is because it comes with the option to add both of your names onto the Personalised Star Deed Certificate .  There is no better way to show that you care than have your names side by side on the Deed.   The Binary Star is then named in your honour.    – The symbolism of a Binary Star adds an extra touch of thought and represents you both being joined together side by side.     To Buy a Binary Star Gift just click here.

Binary Star Deed

Name a Star Premium Gift Option

Our premium gift option allows you to buy a Bright Star and Name it.   This means that this Star from our Registry will be closer to Earth and thus shine brighter for all to see.    Included with the Bright Star Name Gift, is a Gold a4 Wooden Frame, which contains your personalised Star Deed Certificate.    This sits alongside the Star Naming Gift Portfolio, containing lots of information about the Star.   To make this gift “extra premium” – it is packaged in a stunning black gift box, which ties shut with a ribbon.   Our Registry Logo is embossed onto the lid and adds an element of luxury and style to the gift.    Our Favourite of the Personalised Valentines Day Gifts we have available.

You can buy this for just £39.99 if you visit this link!

Hurry Limited Qtys are available and they sell out as Valentines Day gets closer. Buy Now!

Gift Star UK

An Acre on Mars

It is said that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.  (,_Women_Are_from_Venus  )  and to be recognised as such is a fun and endearing way of recognising some of our human characteristics.    Mars is the god of Love and the God of War.   Men are categorised in relationships for being akin to this.  Mars is also the Planet that represents the Star Sign of the Zodiac : Aries.

In support of this amazing planet and characterisation we also provide the unique gift opportunity to buy an Acre on Mars!  That’s right, own an Acre of the Red Planet or gift it to someone you care about.    It makes for a quirky Valentines Day Gift for someone special in your life.   You can even include the book to expand the gift !

We sell Red Planet Acres on Mars for just £15.99 by clicking this link :

Land on Mars for sale

So thats it then.  You are all set with some very special Personal Valentines Day gifts.


Remember above all, its important to tell the people you care about just how much you Love them.   Happy Valentines Day to you!

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