An Acre on the Moon Gift

An Acre of Lunar Land Premium Gift

Upon the Moon …. Yes, that’s right we can now exclusively provide you with an Acre of Lunar Land with this stunning Premium Gift Package.

We have access to the U.K. allocated Lunar Land plots.  The land is divided upon the Moon Surface and then given to the U.K. with relation to the size and percentage of landmass we currently have on Earth.  We are then able to provide these to anyone who wishes to own them.  No different than if you are buying real estate/land on Earth.   The benefit is that we can sell these plots at ridiculously low prices. as travel is not accessible to most of us at the moment – but that will change !!

Each beautiful black gift box contains:


  • A Framed Title Deed which is the Land Deed for the Acre on the Lunar Surface
  • A Lunar Acre Gift Portfolio
  • Timeline of Lunar Exploration and Space Exploration
  • Interesting Facts about the Moon
  • Information about the Nasa 1969
  • Landing on the surface
  • All for just £39.99
  • Buy one of these today as they are selling fast!

You can become the proprietor of a Moon Land Acre:

Check it out now

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