Buy Land on Mars

buy land on mars?

An Acre of Land on Mars

 The gift that is literally out of this World!  



We sell the amazing opportunity to buy Plots of Land on the Red Planet.  


As our closest planetary neighbour, the Planet Mars is still a giant leap from Earth.  As a result even with our latest technology, we cannot quite consider it yet as an inhabitable planet for human life.  However in the not too distant future this could become as real possibility.


When you purchase an Acre on Mars from us here at you will receive a full colour Glossy Portfolio which includes the important ” Planet Land Deed” – this is uniquely numbered with a hologram sticker and then hand embossed for authenticity.  Your Portfolio will also contain some interesting factsheets about the planet Mars along with a welcome letter introducing the gift .

 Starting at £15.99 for one Acre this is a perfectly novel gift for someone special.

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