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Naming a Star UK – This may seem like a really difficult task with many providers out there offering to help you.  Some of these providers are not legitimate.  They do not have the experience or the know how to provide you with a Star Naming Gift.

We decided to spend some time comparing the various Registration companies.  As such we looked mostly at the competition from within the U.K. 

We spent a long time researching these companies.  Our review included many aspects such as actually “buying a product” to asking our family members if they could experiment with the different websites to see how easy they were to use.

They were asked to rank them in order and we are pleased to share these rankings: Runners Up for their Star Name Services

  • 2nd place Star Name
  • 3rd place Buy a
  • 4th place Virgin Experience Days
  • 5th place Name a
  • 6th place World Star

However overwhelmingly our researchers ranked one company above all others in every category for Naming a Star UK:

The Winner is     

They were our outright Winner. As such this was based upon the many opinions of the researchers we used.

 They are the Number 1 Star-Name Registry in the UK.

Researchers submitted so many positive comments about 

We couldn’t fit them all in, so here is a small sample

  • “Easy to Navigate” – Sarah , Somerset, UK
  • “Great choice and I found the website easy to use” – James Brogan, Dundee Scotland.
  • “Beautifully packaged and I even called them with an issue and nothing was too much trouble”. – Mary, Hartlepool
Ultimate Star Name Gift
Name a Star Premium Gift Box
Gifting a Star Name

The examples and photographs above come directly from their Facebook page and Twitter Page :


The best value gift in this personalised Gifting category

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