MoonLight over Chelsea Bridge

Moon over Chelsea Bridge

Chelsea Bridge lit up by the bright Moon

Moonlight over Chelsea Bridge, in the heart of Central London.   This picture was taken this week just before Midnight on Thursday 29 July 2021.

It captures just how beautiful London is when it is dark as well as in the light.   The Bridge is one of many over the famous River Thames, which snakes its way through the City.

Many bridges are used to cross the river, including Wandsworth Bridge, Putney Bridge, Battersea Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge all in close proximity.  It is Chelsea Bridge with it’s bright lights that stands out in the evenings and makes the river look magical.

In the distance you can see the former Battersea Power station with the 4 chimneys.  This is under construction creating a luxury shopping and living area with an exclusive price tag to match the location.

The river is reflecting the light, in a nice way, and this helps as it is a low tide.  It changes quickly and before long the river is full again to the banks.

The Moonlight is so bright that it is making most of the city look well lit and it shows just how beautiful it is with this glow.

Want to know more about Chelsea Bridge ?

Look here for more information

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