Name a Star in Memory of….

in memory of a loved one

  Name A Star in the Memory of…. 


2020 has reminded us here just how precious every life is!

When Robert, the founder of our company, started this business, he was surprised at what he found.

 As such he thought that the majority of our Star Naming Gifts would be produced for celebrations that document our lives.

Stars being named for events like Birthdays / Christmas and other special moments.

In reality by the end of his first week trading he realised this was not the case.

 It was apparent we would provide large numbers of Star Naming Portfolios in the Memory of someone that our customers had lost.

Whether a Star was being named for a family member or a friend.

 Or being named for a lover or a pet or in memory of someone that was before their time.

   Robert has ensured all of our employees take pride but most importantly – extra care in producing each Star Naming Portfolio.

We all do this in the hope an extra level of care may give some comfort when it is received.

The messages we receive from customers expressing their sorrow and looking for comfort in this gesture is very touching.

We are happy to include any special message onto a Star Naming Deed if this helps a customer to remember someone in their unique way.

For a fitting memorial please get in touch and we will always be sensitive to your request.

If it helps by all means place the letters “INM” at the end of your Star Name so that we know this is being produced in memorial.

Best Wishes and thanks for your consideration 


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