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Here are our most frequently asked questions.   If you have a question that we have not answered here then please get in touch!  or Tweet us @starnaminggifts

Who are are an established independent Star Naming Registry and Gift Service.  Established in 2017 we have 5  years of experience in providing gift options to many customers across the U.K.

The bulk of our business is based around us providing customers with the unique opportunity to “Name a Star”  for someone special.  We have various products that help you to achieve this and that are all reasonably priced.     We have also been selling Planetary Acres of Land on the Moon and on Mars through our website and our sister company

Can I name a Star.  How do I do this?

Yes you can.  It’s a really simple process. These steps below will  help you with the process.

  • Choose from a variety of Gift packages,  including – (A Standard Star, An Extra Bright Star or Binary Star)
  •  Each item lists the features that are included with that specific Gift Package.  
  • Once you have decided on the items you want to purchase then head to the basket/checkout page.  
  • We ask you to enter your selected name for each personalised gift you have chosen.

What Star Name or names may I choose?

Any name that you choose.  As an example here is a list of names that customers have used in the past.

Star Names previously used by customers: 
  • Steph & Adrian’s Star   –  Grampy Stuart’s Star  -Happy 60th Birthday Nanny Pat  –  01.2019 Our Anniversary Star – John James Smit
  • Bruno The Best Dog Star – Olivia-Jones 1st Birthday Star
  • selected nicknames, pet-names, or affectionate names that mean something to them!  
  • It is acceptable to use numbers/dates/letters in various combinations.

Names deemed to be offensive/inappropriate will not be accepted.

Are there character Limits for the Star Name? And what format do they arrive in?

40 characters in length max (including spaces).  To ensure a name will fit perfectly onto our Star Deed.

Who produces a Gift Portfolio for us?

Our team of Registrars will produce them for you.   They are made by hand in the U.K. in the town of Frome located in Somerset.    Registrars will be responsible for producing and documenting all items before anything can is dispatched.

How Long will it take to receive my purchase?

Our Registrars will produce your Gift Portfolio in approximately  3 working days. (Subject to demand at that time).  An order starts on the date when it is placed by a customer.

We will

  • transfer completed portfolio’s on the same day if this is practical.
  • send a completed gift through our network of couriers.
  • We only use household names such as or
What are your delivery costs? 

£4.95 for our parcels.  Our products are a standard size.

  • We provide  a tracked courier service – (through #hermes #royalmail #dpd #parcelforce)
Is there a time limit on the Star Name.  If so how long will it last?
  • Your Star Name remains forever.
  • We never allow alterations or amendments.
  • and never resold or reused.
Where would you register a Star Name?

Star Names are recorded for longevity.  This is  in our “Universal Star and Global Naming Database”.    This is a Database containing a master file.  This lists stars that have been identified by Astronomers.

We employ Star Registrars to identify stars that are now available for your purchase.   And they will name it as you request.   It is important for us to document this in our database.


Are you an official Star Naming Registry?

Yes – we are an official Star Naming Registry.  With independent status in the U.K. -We reserve the right to trade under any brand name.    100% genuine and official.

Will I get own the star that I have named?

Stars are celestial bodies. They have this designation given to them.  This means they are the property of all humankind.

The “United Nations Senate” conducted a meeting of international world leaders.   They issued a joint statement; published around the globe.  It  Stated   “the ownership of celestial bodies will always belong to all of humankind”.  Ratified in 1967 this became international law.

Humans  symbolically name and claim celestial bodies for their own purposes.  We are all allowed to name a star if we wish.

Can I see my Star?

All Stars in the database are visible from Earth and at various times throughout the year.    Stars come from the Registry.  We cannot provide viewing information.  Star locations change in the sky constantly.  It is impossible to track them all

Do you have an affiliation with NASA /ESA /IAU ?

We are truly independent and proud of our status.  We Confirm ….

  • not affiliated to a listed agency or organisation.
  • do not work for/on behalf of any government or any agency
  • structured in law as a private limited company. Registered in England and Wales.
Do I own the Acre of Land on the Moon or on Mars? 

The Moon, Stars and planets are celestial bodies.   They are for the benefit of all mankind.  No person, nation or entity can claim personal ownership of them.

Our “Acre on the Moon” and  “Acre on Mars” Gifts are a novelty item.   Customers buy them for a special sentiment it may bring to them personally.

We cannot make any guarantees about the legal ownership of the Moon/Mars or any celestial body.

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