Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for Dad that are out of this world!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas !  – Yes it’s that time of year again where we get to stop for a moment and say thank you to our amazing fathers!

Its Fathers Day on Sunday 19th June 2022 here in the U.K.

Having received many pieces of mail about gift ideas for the nations Dad during the last decade, we are ready this year to help you solve this problem.

We know that it is common for Dads to get a rough deal when it comes to present buying each year.  Why? well you tell us that typically Fathers are harder to buy a gift for than other family members.   You give them gifts that are more practical and far less personal on average that say a gift for your Mum.

A recent 2021 survey highlighted around 60% of Dads, receive gifts that may be related to a job around the home.  This includes presents such as DIY Tools / Car Accessories / Tools for the Garden and so on.    About 20% of people report buying their Dads the obligatory, socks and underwear or sweets as a sort of simple gift that can’t go wrong.   Not exactly exciting now is it?

Well this is where we can help !!   Have you ever wanted to give your Dad a gift thats unique and really unusual?   Its budget conscious and won’t break the bank!

Then consider this for Fathers Day Gift Ideas in 2022 ….

Pay a visit to   https://www.starnaminggifts.co.uk

Why?   Well you can start by Naming a Star for your Dad with one of their Gift Packages starting at just £15.99!  Or for the more adventurous you can even buy him an Acre on the Moon or on Planet Mars also starting at just £15.99 for the basic gift package

buy land on the moon
acre of land on the moon

Land on Mars for sale

Star Naming Package

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