Buy Mars

Buy Mars  – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look into the night sky and know that you own a real piece of land on Mars?

Well now this can be a reality.   Priced from £15.99 , you become the proud owner of one Acre up on the Red Planet.

This is an exclusive chance to be ahead of your friends and family when you buy an Acre up on Mars.   We provide all of our plots from within a gift portfolio.

  • Containing an exclusive Red Planet Land Deed
  • Fun facts about the Planet
  • A welcome letter
  • Info on the Nasa Rover that is on the surface of Mars

The perfect gift for anyone who loves space or our nearest planetary neighbour.

Own an Acre up there by simply clicking here

Don’t forget to keep up with the #NASA #Perseverancerover by visiting them live:

Or you could follow us on social media such as #Tumblr go to.


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