Buy Moon Acres

Your chance to Buy a Bit of the Moon

Is it possible to own an Acre on the Moon?
How do I buy a Piece of the Moon?

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered how it would feel to know that you own a piece of the Moon?   

Well, now you can with our Exclusive Lunar Land Portfolio Gifts.    

We can exclusively make you into a Moon property tycoon, for a comparable price of couple of cinema tickets here on Earth.   

How?  Well It is really simple. The Moon is a massive place, and until recently the land had not been divided up between nations or sold or even contemplated in that manor. 

There are millions of acres on the Lunar Surface and with the advancement in technology it is viable that the Moon will be  inhabited at some point in the next 50 -100 years on a permanent basis.

There are some unclaimed areas on the Lunar Surface that we are able to  designate to through a transaction with (established Planetary Land Sellers)

  • Can you buy Land on the Moon?   The answer to this common question is YES!  
  • The Moon is divided up into many areas.  Some of these are designated areas available to sell to the general public. 
  • Some Land Experts will sell any location on the Moon regardless of its positioning or viability on the Moon surface.   
  • At we only sell plots of Moon Land that are on the light side of the Moon, facing the Earth and permanently lit by the Sun
  • Buying Land on the Moon is a fun way to give a gift to someone special or for a special occasion such as a Birthday, or Anniversary etc.
  • Each Acre we provide is perfectly unique to you.  If you have someone in your life that is a space enthusiast – Then this is the perfect gift for them!

Countdown until we sell another Moon Acre

moon buy a bit of

On average we sell 1 Lunar Acre every hour of every day.
365 days of the year.

The Plots in the best locations are already selling fast, so buy now to ensure you get the best location we can offer.


One Lunar Acre

Standard Moon Acre Deed

One Lunar Acre
Inc. Name
on the Deed

Mood Deed

Deluxe Lunar Acre
Inc Name on the Deed
& in a Desirable Location

Deluxe Lunar Deed

Each Gift contains a Lunar Land Deed
presented to you in a Full Colour Portfolio
with the following content

  • Our Lunar Deeds are  uniquely numbered with a hologram for their identity and to prevent copying.
  • Each Deed is Embossed by hand before it is entered into the Database Register.
  • Plus 2 Fun Factsheets about the Moon and NASA’s landing on the Moon in 1969
  • Plus an Exclusive timeline of Lunar Exploration

If you have any questions about these gift packages then contact us at or visit us on Linkedin at

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