Buy an Acre on Mars

Buy an Acre of Mars           buy land on mars?

You can buy an Acre on Mars.   With our unique and special gift opportunity.  The result is that you can become a Planetary Land Owner.  Plus it is a great Gift for someone Special.

As our closest planetary neighbour – Mars is special.   Our ancestors watched it travelling across the night sky.  They looked up over thousands of years fascinated by the red twinkle the planet gave off in a dark  sky.

Last year scientists identified that Mars contains particles of water that could mean it’s possible to be inhabitable for humans in the centuries to come.

Buy our gift portfolio now.  You can buy your own Acre of Mars, or give one away!  A unique gift portfolio comes with every purchase.

This also contains the Red Planet Land Deed, with the location of your Planetary Plot.  This  becomes yours, so don’t wait!  Buy one now.

Prices start at just £15.99 .    #mars #buyanacre #acreonmars #marsplot #redplanet #marsland

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