Buy Acres on the Moon

Want to own something really special?

Buy Acres on the Moon when you choose one of our exclusive Gift Packages.   Each one contains unique items such as a Lunar Land Deed.   Plus we have ensured that they are priced competitively.

They make a perfect gift for most occasions.    Our collaboration with colleagues at, facilitates this offering as they are renown Planetary Land Experts.

We have confidence when you buy acres on the moon on our website – you always get the best plots on the Moon surface.

For starters we only sell plots that face the Earth and that are lit by the Sun in 24/7 daylight.   Never do we sell plots from the Dark Side of the Moon.

All of our gifts contain a “Lunar Land Deed” inside a presentation folder

Our Lunar Land Deed

  • Comes complete with a unique hologram to ensure this plot is never sold twice.
  • You receive two fun factsheets containing information about the Moon inside the gift folder.
  • Contained inside a bubble wrapped and lined envelope.    This product cannot be identified as a gift from the packaging.

Just visit us at our online store and see the great choice of options :

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