Black Friday Deal - Premium Name a Star Gift Was £39.99 NOW £32.99
Black Friday Deal - Premium Name a Star Gift Was £39.99 NOW £32.99

About us


About us – Who we are – Our Founder – FAQ

We are an official Star Naming Registry based here in the UK.   Our company is registered in England and Wales, under the official name of Star Naming Gifts Ltd.    Our trading name is , and we trade predominantly online through our website.  We also partner with other famous online stores, such as  Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, and most recent to partner with us is The Range.


The Company was founded back 2017, by our CEO/Owner  Robert Gough.  He developed the idea of creating a Star Registry between 2015-16 and it took about 12 months of research and development before the Registry went live and named our very first Star for someone.

Robert spent over 25 years as a Leader for various National Retailers Stores and we believe the combination of extensive retail experience and his love of astronomy brought a sweet spot to our successful business.

Other Companies within the Group

There are 2 other companies that are currently trading under the Star Naming Gifts Ltd, parent company.  We would love you to check them out.

The first is a Personalised Letter from Santa business that provides bespoke letters for your Child at Christmas.  Please Visit them at

We also have a Vitamins and Supplements Online Store , helping you with all your Health and Lifestyle needs.  Visit them today at

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Name a Star? / Can I Name a Star for Someone?

Yes, of course.  We provide Star Naming Gifts to anyone who wishes to buy one.  All you need to do is decide on the gift option in our Shop Now section that you want to buy.  We will then ask you for the Name of your Star, and then you will proceed to the  checkout.  Pay with a variety of different options.  Your order is then complete and your Name a Star Gift will be with you very shortly.

What Star Names can I choose?

Star Names are accepted in all formats, and you can include numbers if you wish.    Whatever name that you have chose it must be a maximum of 30 characters long (including spaces).  This is to ensure it will fit on the Star Deed Certificate and also will fit into the Registry.

We cannot accept names that are deemed rude or offensive so please bear this in mind when choosing.  Pet Names, Nicknames, and funny names are all acceptable.

Can you share some examples of Star Name that have already been


Of course we can.  Every star that is named is personal to whomever named it.  It may have sentimental reasons, such as Naming a Star as a Memorial, or Star Named after a loved  etc.    Here are just a few examples of previous names given to Stars in our Registry.

  • Robert’s Home Star
  • The Buster and Archietar
  • Jasmine 1953 Star
  • Gary’s Birthday Star
  • Funsnuggles
  • Evan Jacob 01/01/04
  • The Smith and Jones Star
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party
  • Grandad Stuart
  • Jasper the Best Dog Star

Do you ever Name a Star Twice?  Do you rename this Star ?

No, absolutely not.  We will never name a star twice or rename a star.  We never pass a star name onto anyone else.  The star name that you choose is yours forever and remains in the registry forever.

How long does it take for delivery?

We do our utmost to dispatch every gift within 72 hours of us receiving your order.  This usually means out customers receive their item in about 7 days. (dependant on local couriers).  This can vary especially at Christmas so order early to avoid any disappointment.

Are you a Genuine Registry?

Yes.  We are a 100% official, genuine and proudly independent Star Naming Registry.  We are not affiliated with a Government or an organisation of any kind.

Will I own the Star that I name?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  This is because all stars are classed as individual celestial beings.   They are deemed to be the property of all humankind based on current unratified Laws within the United Nation.

Are you associated with NASA or the IAU?

We are an independent Star Naming Registry and we do not have any association with NASA or the IAU, or other organisations such as the EUA.  Proud to be independent.    However we do follow the great work of these “Official organisations” from time to time.

Do I own the Acre on the Moon or the Acre on Mars?

We are proud of the novel sentiment and joy that our Acre Gifts give to our customers.  It is important to note that our Acre Gifts are a novelty item.  Sometimes given with sentiment and special meaning.   They do not guarantee ownership of land on the Moon or Mars.

Planets, Moons and Stars are classed as celestial beings and as such are deemed the property of all humankind.

Therefore your gift is a symbolic gesture .

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